Workshops and Coaching

We can all be better listeners

And to do so we need to be better at asking questions.

One & Two Day Workshops

We offer one & two day workshops to support to build the common-interest questioning and listening skills of your leadership team, department members, project or negotiating teams, or sales force.

The benefits to your team include:

  • More meaningful conversations and communications
  • Building trust
  • A deeper understanding of the other party’s interests and concerns
  • A culture of addressing conflict head-on and solving problems in a collaborative, interest-based way
  • Better and more sustainable relationships

These workshops are highly interactive and focus on situations and challenges specific to your team and the leadership, negotiating, project or sales objectives they are working to achieve.

Individual Coaching

Do you need to shift your habits from telling to asking? Is it critical to your current job? Your career aspirations? Or merely to address the need to build stronger more meaningful relationships?

We provide individual one-on-one coaching support to help you understand why and how you can change your current habits and become more confident and successful in all your communications.

Please contact us by email or phone to discuss logistical and pricing details.

Keynote Speaking

Making the Shift to BrainFishing, to effective Questioning Skills is an inspiring message, and we deliver Keynote talks to large and small groups. BrainFishing will inspire teams and groups into seeing an entirely different and sustainable path to success – one that works for all parties