From Hobby to Habit

(An excerpt from Chapter Two)

As the saying goes, we all reach a time, a point in our lives, when we have to choose to either fish or cut bait. In this case it’s to actually give BrainFishing a try, or stay on the dock…It is, and is only, a Practice Guide. A simple set of tools that can help us day in and day out, in our work and personal lives. But it will only be of any value whatsoever if it is, indeed, practised. Put into play. Tried and tested. Applied.

BrainFishing is about behaviour, about acting in a different way to get better outcomes. BrainFishing is simple, but for most of us, it means changing life-long habits. So, we leave you with a choice. Keep hunting, keep telling, keep arguing and defending – and put up with more of the same. Or try fishing. BrainFishing. Ask questions. Choose different types of questions. Challenge the other person’s reality, gather information and problem solve. In other words, change the game. Cultivate the intention of making it better for everyone, not just yourself. Above all else, get curious. And when you change the game to make it better for you and for other Blue Brains, it will change your life. It may not be “win the lottery” life-changing, but who knows? Let life become one long fishin’ derby and see for yourself. We know it will give you far more than you put in.