This book’s the reel thing! It has considerable a-lure

Finny in parts, and gill-ty of extended metaphor on a large scale, it’s well worth the perch-ous price! Has a tun-a great advice. Provides the bass-is for effective conversations. Puts every similar b(r)ook t’ rout! Pike one up today! But seriously, folks… Not since Getting to Yes has a little book come along with the potential to make all of our interactions so much more effective At once obvious and profound, BrainFishing sets out a succinct and accessible pathway to getting the most out of our conversations and negotiations. Written for every walk of life, it will be particularly helpful to those in workplace settings. One of those books that you’ll come back to get in quantity to share with friends and colleagues!

Murray Lapp, Mediator

former VP of Human Resources and Services, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

They take you on the only fishing trip you’ll ever go on where the results are guaranteed!

In my over four decades of working in the fields of conflict resolution and negotiations I’ve witnessed far too many failed efforts. In BrainFishing the authors show you how the skilful use of questioning creates the type of communications, engagement, and free flow of information that is so vital to producing successful outcomes in problem solving, conflict and negotiations situations.

Allen Orth

Former AVP Human Resources Queen’s University; President, Concordia Consulting

BrainFishing is an essential tool that fills a deep void in dispute resolution practical literature

Martha E. Simmons, PhD

Winkler Professor of Dispute Resolution, Osgoode Hall Law School

Well, here it is, a guide that will put HR professionals out of business

No longer will front-line supervisors knock on my door for advice… once they read this book, they won’t need me. The style shift outlined in BrainFishing speaks volumes about successful relationships in the workplace. The 18 questions near the end resonated most for me; it gave me better ways to convey ideas and generate solutions. Thanks for this!

Leanne Gray, HBSC

CHRL Director, Human Resources, Trillium Gift of Life Network

In a fun and practical way, the authors reinforce the value of well-placed and worded questions

The two colourful brains create playful references to help the reader retain and use the tools. At the same time, it could be used by negotiators to add value to any set of negotiations.

Deborah M. Howes, LLB, ACCI, FCCI, CTAJ, C.Arb., C. Med.

IMI Cert. High Clouds Incorporated

This book is meant to be shared and reflected upon

Brain Fishing is a practical guide to training our minds in activating the Blue (problem solving) Brain to effectively engage others in finding solutions. It uses real examples of good questioning skills and storytelling to make this an effective “how to” guide. With practice, this can become our natural response to reach interest based solutions to problems in all aspects of our professional and personal lives. “Gone Fishin'” has taken on a whole new meaning!

Paul Antaya

Superintendent of Human Resources Greater Essex County District School Board

I highly recommend this book!

The collaborative approach to finding common interest solutions is the heart and soul of BrainFishing.

Stephen Bolton

President & CEO, Head Coach — Libro Credit Union

Do not underestimate this book!

While the writing is whimsical and the message is simple, BrainFishing contains a treasure trove of practical and effective tips for improving the quality of our interactions with each other. It is an excellent addition to the field of conflict resolution, and for those committed to helping others resolve issues collaboratively. We would all be wise to put the book’s lessons to work, and go fishing!

Leslie H. Macleod B.A., LL.B., LL.M. (ADR)

Co-Director of LL.M. in Dispute Resolution Program Osgoode Hall Law School, York University Principal of Leslie H. Macleod & Associates

This humorous and conversational pocketbook illustrates that good questions are at the heart of good solutions to problems

The imagery of engaging brains to “come out and play” and being able to find solutions while “spending a quiet day on the water” drew me to dive in and begin practicing right away. It will do the same for you!

Susan Ruffo

Canadian Union of Public Employees, Manager and Educator (Retired)

BrainFishing is a clever and intelligent conversation about negotiating any issue with our fellow human beings

What a great holiday gift for a Red-Brain dominant colleague, or a great reminder to self!

Judy Fantham, M.A.

Senior Executive Officer, Ontario Nurses’ Association